roofercartoonWhat should you do to get ready for work to commence?  That could mean a variety of things depending on your home and what type of job we are completing.  There are several things that we recommend.  Take items off the walls, items off shelves, some lighting can vibrate loose, move items off decks or around the house.  Turn off air conditioners as we will be covering them and they could overheat.  Items in attics can get debris on them.  Prep your attic accordingly.  If your garage doesn’t have drywall in it, debris will get all over.  Debris falls through the cracks of plywood or deck planking.  Older homes have deck planking and have more cracks, so plan on more debris then if you have plywood.  So for garages and driveways, it is recommended that you move vehicles out of the garage.  Pets handle work in a variety of different ways.  It is always ideal to move them during this process, but if you can’t it would be best to keep them indoors and in a place that the workers are not working in.  We do electricity, if you do not have a plug outside, please have an extension cord accessible for us.  We will do a decent clean up everyday, however that isn’t our final clean.  Please park on the streets just in case there is any items that where not found that night.  Our project managers are required to inspect for a final clean and give you a thumbs up to get back on driveways and garages.  We make every effort to clean up all nails and debris.  There will always be a few strays.  Generally there are over 10,000 nails that come off a standard roof.  Percentages show that we will not get it perfectly but do a very adequate job.  Please keep kids away from work site and indoors.   There always is risk of falling debris.  We love our kids and we know you love yours too.  Let’s work together to keep them safe!