Have you had hallways, closets, kitchens, bathrooms that are a little dark? If so Velux Sun Tunnel is the answer to your problems. Standard skylights can cause fading to photos, paintings, paint, flooring and clothing because they allow direct sunlight into the areas they are in. Sun Tunnels provide indirect light thus giving you a fantastic way to give you a brightened area. I often also hear that people don’t want skylights because they leak easily. This is a self flashing unit. So it won’t leak unless it’s installed improperly or a component is worn or damaged. They are very solid. The other great thing about sun tunnels are they are an energy star product. This means you can get a tax credit for installing them. You will use less electricity using this product. Many people do not use the lights when in the room where one is installed and they will look for a light switch thinking the lights are on.