So what cap are we talking about? No, we aren’t talking about the turtle vents to vent attic insulation. We are talking about the water vent or the furnace vent specifically. These vent caps are generally installed with light weight aluminum caps. They are very susceptible to hail damage. It seems like a simple thing that would be hard to install incorrectly. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.
See in this illustration how easy this can occur.

The vent cap could be easily installed at the right position at first, but could be fastened improperly and work it’s way down too.
We have seen after a hail storm caps being so heavily damaged that the metal is flattened over the pipe creating the same symptoms as if it was installed incorrectly.
If you smell gas, your furnace, boiler or water heater is having a hard time staying lit or get a lot of condensation in the house, get out and call us immediately.
Luckily, 99% of all furnaces, boilers and water heaters shut off automatically so there is not health concerns with this. As the years go on, the 99% will turn into 100%.
This news story was merely to inform you of this phenomenon. Insurance companies generally only pay for the cap and it’s not enough to pay for somebody to come out and install this with any credentials. The result is 99% of all roofing companies have their roof crews install them. Do you want a roofer working on your furnace?
As you have seen on our website, we care about your safety. We do request additional funds for a credentialed person can come install your cap. The insurance companies do generally oblige if you simply ask. We do!