inspectorThere is two ways that we do the inspection process.  The first is if you want to see if there is any damage to your home during a storm.  If there is  we would help you schedule a meeting with your insurance carrier.  If there isn’t, or if the damage is not something that the insurance company would consider, like deterioration, we would give you an estimate of cost to fix out of pocket or give you a clean bill of health.  If we think the carrier may consider it, this doesn’t mean they will.  Sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion on what you see.   We will be there for the inspection to show what we saw and to see how they would interpret the damage.  The carrier ultimately has the last decision as they are the ones paying the bill.  We feel it is important to be on the same page as the carrier.  Many contractors use the word “fight” or “argue” with your insurance company.   “Fighting” or “arguing” we have found in any part of life gets you no where.   We “work” with your carrier and hope to resolve your claim peacefully and amicably.   We cannot and will not present your case if there isn’t anything there to present.  This only gets you a claim on your record for no reason.   When we say we want the best thing for you, we mean it.

The Second way things can happen is if you have the adjuster out before us, you should already have a decision back on what they have decided.  Adjusters are generally very good at seeing the damage.  What can happen is that they do not include items that your jurisdiction may require for code.   They require us to send in paperwork proving it is necessary.   This may be confusing to you as you may be expecting to move towards the scheduling the process, when much of the time you are still in the approval process.   This process can take a while depending on the carriers backlog.  Be patient.   There are other times where the estimate may require a few extra line items to be able to complete the repairs.  Again, we would need to get approval.  This approval could mean us to get estimates from other contractors to show that others may feel the same way as well.