Many companies set up “teams” of salesman. Many of them are good at selling but they really don’t know about what they are selling. We do continuing education with our representatives. Many of our guys are Haag Certified. It is mandatory to have continuing education yearly with Haag or you lose your certification. We also do in house training via videos and books. The best kind of training we have found is actually going to job sites. This gives us the opportunity to look at things that nobody can learn from watching a video. Every house is different but every solution should be the same. That is doing it the right way. Identifying a problem before the job starts is the best way to resolve a problem. Very simple issues can become big problems. This includes items like the roof pitch. For example, if your contractor doesn’t install double underlayment on roof pitches between 2 and 4, they will be tearing off your roof and starting over once the city/county inspector comes and reviews it. Stopping problems before they are problems solves a lot of problems. You can’t always prevent an issue from happening, but you can prevent a large share of them with proper training.
In our HVAC department, our techs not only are trained and certified on the HVAC systems we install, they are trained on the process to find you the correct product. They will be able to identify if the unit needs replacing or is undersized for the house that it’s in. Many furnace and air conditioners wear out prematurely due to the wrong product being installed in the first place. Being comfortable in your home is a very important factor in deciding on a furnace.
The construction business is constantly changing. Products change colors, profiles, and new products come into the market. All things we need to be aware of as a team.
There is a difference between salespeople and service writers. Service Writers write up service orders based on what YOU want, not what a salesman wants.